A sunflower for you, a sunflower for me. We all need one. One to look up onto it.




Running these fields of sunflowers, I found myself thinking we all need a sunflower, one to look up onto it. A sunflower for you, a sunflower for me. A sunflower that is so faithful to the sun that it keeps following it from sunrise till dusk. Every morning, small yellow heads begin to chase sunbeams and as the sun slowly moves, so they are. Friendly, as they seem to me, and more alive than any other flower, they are sinking into the fields of not-so-far-from-the-city countryside. I felt so lost, even though I wasn’t far away from concrete buildings. As nature tried to hug me, I rashly started twisting around. Spontaneously I moved my head, just the way they did as some kind of a ritual. There I was, looking at sunflowers and pretending to be carefree. They hypnotised me just the way they moved and I couldn’t help but praise their balanced bodies and strong characters. Balance, so close to that carefree feeling that I now pretend to feel. Balance, a perfect equation of ideal amount of material combined with spiritual. Sometimes I wonder if I will ever go step in step with balance, just for a moment. There is nothing more, or less, I crave for. Nothing more, or less than to be balanced… and a sunflower in a vase from time to time.

Blouse: Mango
Skirt: Zara
Sunnies: Topshop

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