Have you ever found an oasis? Have you ever taken a moment to just breathe?


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All the light of this sunny morning glinted on the windows of a greenhouse. I sat and watched as shadows moved across the home of palm trees thinking of how majestic nature really is. I felt lightness in the air as summer breeze moved my hair and my blouse. And as every summer, I seek for my oasis. An ensemble of quiet moments, a few fleeting seconds of peace. Most of the days, I’ve randomly passed by this garden, not even turning my head, but here I am trying to find a shelter in the trees. I don’t need much to be happy, sometimes flowers that keep following me as I walk are just enough. It is a sort of rehab that we all need. A calmer version of the town you live in , a very own personalized oasis.

From head to toe in Zara

Shoes: Stradivarius


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