Down on Coolangatta, beachside I will never forget!







How typical of me would be to write about a memory I carved into my heart, a feeling so distant now, a moment of true happiness? How typical would be to tell you I find ease in the ocean, the one truly soothing moment I cherish to have. That is my strongest connection to earth. How typical of me? The ocean, so restless, so rough, mystical and dark. Emotions that hit me at these moments, peace that I feel. I could sit and stare at it, forever. It calms my soul. And how paradoxical it sounds that something so immense, rough and uncontrollable brings peace to our souls? To me it is the equivalent to being inspired. Inspiration comes when you least expect it to come. It knocks on our door when we feel most disheartened, in a most perfect known form and is present when we feel most miserable. Like a gift to your spirit, like a flower that blooms in saddest parts of your soul. What a paradox! I see things deeper than they are. I can feel depth of the words spoken to me. And for that I thank the ocean. Breathtakingly beautiful ocean.

I am wearing:

Jeans: Mango

Swimwear – top: H&M

Swimwear – bottom: Women’ secret

Espadrilles: H&M

Hat: H&M

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