This is a farewell to this year, nothing but magical 2015.



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Once the clock ticks midnight on the last day of this year, I’ll say good bye to it. But, not as a way of swiping away everything we shared, just a simple goodbye, for everything this year did for me. I am saying warm adieu because I’ll never get to see it again and I believe this year needs one, after all. Those truly magical moments can never be relived, I know that. And you see, I don’t wish for those moments to be relived, I’m carelessly leaving them behind. Don’t get me wrong, I am not selfish nor ungrateful but I do believe that some of the best days of our lives haven’t happened yet. With that said, this is one, simplest kind of many thanks I wrote. No New Year’s resolutions this time, no any other sort of foolish promises, but a thank you. A thank you we should all say, write or at least think of, because that would count too. Thank this year for the days you had, as good as they were, or bad, or funny and foolish, or reckless. And believe me, I had too many of those reckless ones! Thank this year for making you wiser, before everything else you do. Despite all, those bittersweet days were quite a good lecture I think. Thank this year for every glass of wine you had, late night talks you enjoyed talking about absurdities and every swim in the sea you took. Thank this year for strawberries, that scent felt in the air in spring when white cotton fluffs ruffle your hair and french braids you make afterwards. Thank this year for every little thing you enjoyed, those are the things worth living for. After all, life is all about those moments, anthologies of little things. Don’t wait, don’t plan, don’t be predictive. And if you do, I only hope the following year will teach you not to. Let go. There’s nothing more I wish for you. There’s nothing more I wish for myself.


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