When I think of Mediterranean first thing that comes to my mind is French Riviera. Nice, Marseilles, Cannes, Monte Carlo! I had opportunity to visit these cities more that once and to me, spring time is the best time to visit Provence! I can imagine late May, lazy days spent by the sea, reading books and drinking wine. Cliché it is, but what on earth could be better than spending days like this? What swept me out of my feet is enchanting spirit of Nice that keeps up with the rest of the Europe but there is something in the air that reminds me of 60’s and 70’s. There are for sure some vintage ghosts that still run through the city of Nice. Wandering the streets I ran into an outdoor market. I absolutely adore open air markets! This one was very special to me – a Provence one. I’ve never seen so many flowers in one place, in every shape, in every colour. Flowers that make my body shiver, that make my soul sing. I could smell lavender in the air and a light breeze ruffling my hair. Another cliché that is irresistible in France is “wine and cheese”. I could pretend to be French for my overwhelming and unconditional love for cheese. Normally, I found a ton of different kinds of cheese, and an open air market wouldn’t be as good as it is if you couldn’t try it on the spot. I also found perfect cane bags and hats, hand made soaps, body cremes and oils from Provence, spiced up with lavender. This compelling market infused me with nothing but joy. There was so many little things I found that I cherish and that filled my heart with a thought I could easily blend in as fille de Provence.




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