These past few days rain pattered against the windows for the whole day. I sat by the window, watching the rain fall down and wondering if it’s going to stop any time soon. I tried to plan my days to be productive, but gloomy weather seemed to continue and culminate day by day. I also made a few terrible choices for which I regret because I spent enormous amount of money that I could have saved for better days. I went to Vienna for the weekend and it seems to me that the rain started following me, wherever I go. Sky was tinted grey, with darker tones changing from east to west. All that dreary weather resulted in bad mood. I felt disheartened and sad. Rainy days are definitely made for classical music and writing, lightened candles and apple pies with cinnamon. So I played my favorite classics and just stared out the window, for hours, dreaming of sunny afternoons spent in café gardens, drinking lemonades with friends and endlessly talking about follies. And here I am, admitting that sun makes me emotionally stable. It gives me some odd strength. Still, I enjoy in melancholy of rainy days, in a strange way. I wonder what is it in late May that makes me feel perfectly serene? Pretty summer dresses that I can’t wait to wear? White cotton fluff from the trees that floats in the air and makes sky so dreamy? Or a thought of numberless ice cream flavours that I will taste this summer? I don’t know.

From hear to toe in Zara

Sunnies: Aldo

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