These dreams of my Spanish summers, I long for them.




I find ease in the sea, slow waves and sunset breeze that make me feel alive. It is that summer feeling that I get when near the sea, the feeling of freedom. And it’s not just freedom, it is the peace that overcomes all the confusion of the soul. Little by little waves move and never really stop. It’s like some kind of an ocean play. Mysterious in all ways, noisy but beautiful. Summertimes spent by the sea wake up my serenity. Over the years and together with my maturity this feeling became so unfamiliar. It seems unreachable in a way. And it is this summer heat spent on the streets of Belgrade, that makes me wonder what it would be like to run to the beach this instant. I’m only left to dream about my Spanish summers, to dream about beautiful Barcelona. I hope you can capture that perfect moment, I hope you can feel the wave. I really can. I am longing to drink sangria till the dawn, dance samba on my favourite roof top bar of the hotel Pulitzer, ripping off my most-beloved sandals. I am longing to talk Spanish like crazy, even though I never had a class of it in my life. With the sun warming up the air minute by minute and waves breaking just in front of me, I see myself laughing so hard my stomach hurts. And even though my hair is messy and I have no makeup on I would feel okay, I would feel alive. These dreams of my Spanish summers, I long for them.

Blouse: Mango

Shorts: Zara

Espadrilles: H&M

Bag: Mum’s vintage


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