Salute to blue ocean. Salute to summer. Salute to piña coladas, watermelons, navy and white parasols. Yachts, waves, wind. Salute to that. Salute to all things that make us alive. These things are beautiful, worthy. The colour of the sunset sky and a wish for an eternal summer. Crickets that I hear all summer long, I salute them. I salute every little thing that makes summer irresistible. That fearless feeling we feel in summer, an endless fuel to our bodies. Tanned skin rough of sea salt and its unforgettable scent, I salute that. I am striving for days at deserted beaches, because I know no other way to celebrate summer. White breezy dresses, big earrings, straw hats. Salute to that. Warm nights watching the stars, waiting for a moment to make a wish as one of them rapidly falls over the horizon. I salute to that, too. Every bit of my body craves for a summer like this. And I keep having these dreams, my mind doesn’t resist. Melodious, exuberant dreams, I salute them, too. And I let them be endless, because that is what a dreamer like me would do.

Dress: Gap

Shirt: Mango

Slides: Forever 21

Bag: Mango

Hat: Moa 

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