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I’m taking steps. Hundreds and hundreds of steps. It’s like I’ve been subscribed to this since I was a little girl. It’s not the fact that I never had an elevator in my building, really, it’s just the fact that my mother has always thought me that choosing longer and harder path instead of shortcuts will always pay out. And as it seems it almost did. Now, you see, these are hard times for dreamers. Particularly myself, I daydream about everything and anything on daily basis. I always make plans and my ambition doesn’t let go of me. And lately, it really gets hard for me to focus. Every-day planing of my future started to be really tiring, especially because I’m so lost right now when it comes to my future that my plans are changing not every day, but every two to three hours. And it is all for nothing. Mood swings, emaciation, dissatisfaction, constant thinking…all for nothing. I can’t predict my future. I have to stop thinking, planning, drafting. I just need to let go. Instead, I’m choosing to take steps. And not that step-by-step thing that will eventually guide you to making your goals into reality. These steps that I’ve decided to take are just steps, nothing else. Steps that replace the term of time, steps that I will enjoy. Over the past month I realised I’m fine like this, not having plans. I am striving for an emotion little more reasonable, drifting into time appreciating moments. It is silly to plan things out.

Dress: Zara

Shoes: Zara

Hat: Moa

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