Lately, I dawdled a lot, thinking of so many things. Seamlessly, time is passing giving me the impression that there is never going to be enough of it. Somewhere lost in time lie my travel plans and they play with my patience. Somewhere lost in time lie my writings, waiting to be edited and finally published. Somewhere lost in time lie my plans to dress pretty and have a cocktail with my best friend on a perfect summer evening. Most of the days, I’m really tired of work, but on other days I really don’t have time. And then, there is laziness that overcomes even a small bit of energy I save for the life I enjoy. A concept of time is far more simple than this. I wish I had it more, I wish I wasn’t in a rush. But I am. From day to day, I am rushing from the minute I open my eyes in the morning, till the second I take off my heels at night. And all that rush is driving me crazy. There are days like this that I feel tired of rushing, tired of blogging, tired of taking photos of outfits I wear that I’m rarely satisfied with, tired of trying to write content that will fulfills me as an amateur writer and that I will be happy to share with you. Words, that I write here, are just being a silent indicator of my mood swings. Words, simple, poet words, I wish they can come to my mind easily. Perhaps, it is my inspiration that varies and perhaps it is my chronic discontent that I desperately work on. Sometimes, my thoughts wont cooperate and I am left in a mess of secret desires, plans and hopes. And there is no time. I am turning to a life more simple – disheartened that I am lately, with a dream of happy summer days ahead. And, of course a thought will there ever be enough time?

Shirt: Mango

Jeans: Zara

Shoes: Zara

Shopper bag: Mango

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