Most beautiful words I’ve been ever told, most encouraging, most intentioned, or not intentioned at all, words that you, my friend, spoke to me with all the good in your heart, for that, my friend, I thank you. Do you remember, my friend, all those endless nights we spent together, talking about absurdities, talking about life and being free, perfectly serene? Do you remember songs we sang and dreams we shared? Those were the days I wish to have again, with you. So many restless memories, so many never-ending laughs. There were days we sat in silence hearing our deepest thoughts, finding empathy in each others company. There were days I’ve been lost, for that – there I had you. And it was when I felt most disheartened when your heart guided mine, along with a glass of wine, a hug, simplest words that I was holding on so firmly. I thank you, my friend, for summers we had and lived untamed. It seems to me, they are gone forever, swamped with so many things life put us through. But still, every summertime reminds me of you and I can’t help but wonder, do you ever feel this nostalgic. Maybe you don’t, silently I hope you do. I also hope that our free-spirited souls will bond again, together, as they were in those long-lost summers. Without those summers life would be an ocean without a wave; life would be insignificant, an ensemble of worthless moments tied up together. And, as I pretend to be happy I would madly and endlessly seek for my wild half. You, my friend, my wild half.

Sweater: Mango

Shorts: Mum’s vintage

Shoes: Zara

Bag: Mum’s vintage

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