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Writing as you may see, these days, come so hard for me. I struggle with inspiration mainly, that most important spice in our lives! Most of my time revolves around writing, and then again, there are no new words here, placed perfectly together to inspire you. To be honest I try to write every day. I sit in front of my laptop, but my mind resists. Thoughts fly, aimlessly. There are many things I crave for, many faraway places I’d rather be in. Places where summer is in its awakening, distant places…These thoughts I have, they are prototypes of my drained inspiration. I also feel sad in a way, the feeling that always hits me around this time of year. December, a month full of festivities and happiness makes me nostalgic. The older I get, the more nostalgic I feel. I long for my childhood Christmases, when everything was as simple as opening presents found under the tree. Besides, I feel frightened to leave this year as many beautiful moments happened, many unforgettable memories, faces I will never forget and talks I will repeat over and over in my head. And when 31st of December arrives, it all comes back to me as a waterfall of moments that cover this year. People we let go and all bittersweet goodbyes we said, and people we let in with all of our complexities and fears. December is all about feelings; it is all about people. As cold as frozen iron, this December is slowly getting under my skin. Crisp cool wind slaps my face, but despite all, there’s something about December that I love. A belief that there’s something extraordinary in the last month of the year, a certain magic. And there is nothing quite as soothing as this magic we feel, a warmth that comes from within.

I am wearing: 

Sweater: H&M

Skirt: Zara

Shoes: Zara

Bag: Zara

Scarf: H&M

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