Spending time by the sea is just what I needed. Refreshing my mind from everyday life and responsibilities makes me feel lighter and ready for new ideas that I came up with. To be creative, to create…It is in my nature, it is in the human nature. And this little blog of mine, my LaBohème is my getaway, safe ground. I love to write. Letters moving, playing, letters becoming words. Words becoming sentences. Dancing. And my journals making one big dance fair. So many letters. I don’t need to know where this will take me. I know something good will come out of it. Passions are there to be followed not to be covered up. Walking the streets of Nice, I couldn’t help but follow mine. Making moments special, making moments look like a movie scenes, out in the streets, dancing, kissing. Taking photos. Changing ridiculous outfits and taking photos again. And then, turning those fleeting moments into words, filled with more love than anything else. Creativity takes time, but steps that you take make the most memorable journey that you’ll ever have.

Shirt: Brandy Melville

Trousers: Zara

Bag: Mango

Shoes: Mum’s Vintage

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